April 19, 2010

Hair Accessory Holder

I made this for my niece's 4th birthday. I made all of the bows, as well as the holder. All of the clips are pinch barrettes, covered in ribbon.

No cricut on this job. The next time I make this project, I want to create some felt shape barrettes. I'll definitely use the cricut for those.

April 11, 2010

Assorted Card Sets

I made the following cards for 3 different sets of 4 cards, that are going to be prizes at a bridal shower. Each set has a birthday, thank you, baby, and wedding card.

April 9, 2010

Challenge #32: Going Away Album

This project was done for my college roommate. Although she's not "technically" my family, she might as well be. She's my "sistah from anotha mistah".

Tomorrow is the going away party for my college roommate who is moving out of state. I volunteered to make her a "going away" album. Guests have been encouraged to bring their favorite picture of themselves with Melissa, and they'll also be invited to write a message of good luck to her for the book. There are over 60 people coming, so I had to make a lot of different spaces for writing, and pictures which I don't know the size of yet. That has proven to be a little tricky. I hope that I have enough space.

Even though she's getting this tomorrow, I'm too excited to wait to put pictures up. I hope that she loves it!

You can click on any or all of the pictures for larger images. Feel free to leave a comment if you have time. :)